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Commercial Flat Roofing Services in Lawrence, MA

Flat Roofing Services in Lawrence, MA

Do you need the best flat roofing services this side of the Merrimack River? Patriot Contractors proudly offers comprehensive roofing services in Lawrence, MA, and surrounding areas. We have several years of experience working with flat roofs on commercial building construction. 

When you need a professional roofer you can trust to do an excellent job, make sure you choose Patriot Contractors. Contact us for services for flat roofing in Lawrence, MA, and beyond!

Flat Roof Repair and Maintenance in Lawrence, MA

As one of the top roofing companies in the area, we have many years of experience in providing flat roof repairs (Lawrence, county-wide, and further afield). Flat roofs in this area are highly susceptible to snow buildup and wind, and you need urgent roof repairs if your roof sustains damage. 

At Patriot Contractors, we only work with the highest quality flat roofing materials. With us, your roof is in the hands of qualified experts. So, no matter what kind of services you need, our roofers have the skills and knowledge to assist you.

Commercial Flat Roofing

Types of Flat Roofing Systems

Our roofing contractors are licensed and certified to work with all types of flat roofing. The most common types of flat roofs include the following:

Built-Up Roofing

The most basic type of flat roof is built-up roofing. This type of flat roof consists of a single base layer covered with multiple layers of asphalt and insulation. A built-up roof can provide excellent durability and simplicity, making them effective for commercial roofs.

However, a built-up flat roof can leak near the seams if the sections dry and shrink. Water can also seep under the roof layers, causing them to bubble and blister. So maintenance is important.

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Modified Bitumen

A roofing system with modified bitumen consists of asphalt sheets with layers of fiberglass reinforcement. It creates a tough and durable waterproof material with incredibly high tensile strength. So, modified bitumen can withstand wear and tear that other roof materials can’t.

The main downside of bitumen as a flat roof material is its weight and welding requirements at installation. The high heat can potentially make installation dangerous, which is why you should always call a qualified flat roof expert for any installation work.

Single-Ply Membrane

Single-ply roofing consists of sheets of durable waterproof material. These roof systems are popular because they are low-cost and effective insulators, as well as chemically resistant and easy to clean. Some of the most common single-ply roofing materials include PVC, TPO, and EPDM rubber.

However, single-ply membranes are less durable than other flat roof types. They can also be susceptible to wind. Some types of single-ply flat roof material, such as PVC, will also go brittle in the cold, making these roofs less than ideal in Lawrence’s harsh climate.

Advantages of Flat Roofs

Flat roofing is most common on commercial properties, such as offices, apartment buildings, and hospitals.

Below are some of the advantages of a flat roof system over sloped roofs on your commercial property.

Flat Roofs Can Be More Energy Efficient

Lawrence gets extremely cold in the winter, so heating bills tend to rise. If you want to increase the energy efficiency of your business in Lawrence, a flat roof could work. 

Why not consider applying a whole new UV coating to your flat roof to save money on heating and cooling costs?

Services for Flat Roofing Systems in Lawrence, MA

Patriot Contractors is proud to offer flat roofing and other services for commercial properties in Lawrence, MA. Our knowledgeable and professional flat roofing contractors dedicate themselves to providing 100% customer satisfaction on every job. Whether you require routine maintenance or a flat roof repair, we can provide cost-effective and efficient roofing services.

Contact Patriot Contractors online or call (617) 553-1860 today for flat roofing services in Lawrence, MA!