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Commercial Flat Roofing Services in Boston, MA

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Are you looking for an experienced roofing contractor in Boston? Patriot Contractors provides premier flat roofing options to commercial properties in and around Boston, MA. Our flat roofing services are unbeatable!

We can work on all types of flat roofing systems, including TPO, modified bitumen, and EPDM. Our business only uses quality flat roofing materials for our roof repair, and maintenance services. If you need a dependable Boston flat roofer, you’re in the right place!

Our roofing contractors will repair your flat roofing system at an affordable price. Your flat roofing system will look flawless and function in the greatest possible condition when you work with us.

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Flat Roofs and Their Advantages

Flat roofs are rising in popularity for commercial roofing systems in Massachusetts. A flat roof can keep the most damaging weather conditions out, such as hail, rain, and snow.

Besides looking phenomenal and increasing the curb appeal of your commercial building, flat roofing systems offer many perks and are sometimes more suitable than other materials. 

Improved Energy Efficiency

Flat roofs are energy efficient, especially when they have solid rubber membranes, because you experience less cool air or heat loss. You also rely less on your commercial HVAC system, and not all sloped roofs offer this. Flat roofing services are easier to perform because of the stable surface.

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Multiple Types and Materials

You can customize your flat roof system to ensure it’s perfect for your commercial property. Some options include BUR (built-up roof), TPO, FTPO, EPDM, liquid and PVC membranes, asphalt, Turbo Seal, modified bitumen roofing, and many others. You’ll find an option that fits your building codes, budget, style preferences, and property needs.

Enjoy Extra Space

It’s difficult and often unsafe to walk around on a pitched roof, but a flat roof provides additional space to relax or create a garden. In the event that you need a flat roof leak repair, your contractor won’t have any problems getting to the problem area or fixing your roof.

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Flat Roofing

Protection and Durability

You can choose a dependable waterproof material for your roof, such as liquid waterproofing or a PVC, TPO, or EPDM membrane. You’ll keep water out of your property and experience little to no punctures from outside elements. Shingles can get wet and break easier than most flat roofing materials, so you’re less likely to have to repair a flat roof.

Our Boston Area Flat Roofing Services

Whether you need maintenance, roof coating, or flat roof repair services for broken seams or leaks, we’ve got your Boston business covered. We offer the easy-to-schedule flat roof repair Boston residents rely on in their times of need. If you’re still on the fence about flat roofs, reach out to us for a roofing consultation, and we can make our recommendations.

Some of our top-rated flat roofing services include:

Your roofing contractor will assist you with fast flat roof repair and guarantee excellent customer service. If your current roof just isn’t cutting it, why not enjoy the many perks of a stylish flat roof? Our Boston roofing contractors are happy to help you!

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Work With Our Flat Roof Specialists in Boston, MA

We are the flat roof contractor Boston relies on for their commercial businesses. Do you need a professional roofer who will get to your property fast for flat roof leak repairs? It’s no problem for our prompt and professional staff.

We can explain your roof manufacturer’s warranty or recommend some of the top options for flat roofs.

There’s a guaranteed chance that we can provide whatever you require for your commercial property’s flat roof. We offer excellent customer service and affordable prices.

Our roofing company has given Boston residents amazing services for 10+ years. If you choose us to service your commercial roof, here are some things you can expect:

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Patriot Contractors offers the best flat roofing services in the Boston area. Many businesses have called upon us to fix or maintain their flat roofing system, as we always do the job right. If you need other services, contact our trusted team in Boston, MA.

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