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New England Commercial Flat Roofing Services

The best commercial/industrial flat roofing services available 24/7

We are still the trusted name in New England for three generations, strong and growing, in the flat roofing industry. Our family-owned and operated roofing company can handle all your commercial and industrial roof needs. Whether it’s maintenance or repair, we’ve got you covered. That’s our promise!

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New England Flat Commercial Roofing Services

Why You Can Trust Our Flat Commercial Roofing Services

Whether you have roofing problems with your existing aging roof or issues with a new commercial roof, we can help. 

We back every commercial roofing project with a 100% satisfaction guarantee because we’re committed to the best customer service possible.

We work on various commercial industrial buildings, ranging from:

Never deal with outside salesmen. Directly engage with a company owner. No untrained salespeople or ignored calls. With Patriot Flat Roof Contractors, enjoy 24/7 live support and direct contact via phone call, text message, or email.

We work directly with you to fulfill your specific roofing needs. Whether you need regular maintenance for your commercial building or need to apply an extensive roof coating, we’re just one call away.

We offer commercial flat roof maintenance or repair-reconditioning services year-round.

What Our Customers Say

We repair and work with the following commercial roofing systems:

Does Your Commercial Roof Need Repairs?

Is your commercial roof a candidate for reconditioning versus a completely new roof system? You can save hundreds or thousands of dollars by calling us today for more details. Get your free roof evaluation within 24 hours or less! Take a look at some of our past projects featured. We have energy-saving, UV-resistant roof coatings with day-one tax credits! This is one solution you can definitely take to the bank!

Your Energy Bills Continue Skyrocketing

You Want to Enhance Your Commercial Building Curb Appeal

A new commercial roof coating can also enhance your property’s curb appeal. Curb appeal is a top priority for many businesses, especially for those commercial property owners looking to sell their building.

Our Commercial Roof Repair Services

Our commercial roofing services also include regular roof repairs. A commercial roof repair job can help you avoid the high cost of replacing your existing roof. At Patriot Flat Roof Contractors, our commercial roofing contractors work with most flat roofing systems.

Whether you’re dealing with wind damage from the storm that raged overnight, and because of this, now have leaks and water damage throughout the property, or you simply require preventative maintenance services to keep your roof watertight and ready before the next rainstorm hits, let our team help you with reliable roof repair services.

Often when New England residents search “commercial roofing near me,” it’s due to collapsed, aged, or unmaintained roofing sections, or with multiple days of heavy rain or heavy snow loads. With ponding sections, water infiltrates any small open seam, pipe penetration, flashing, or HVAC curbs. And now you have a disaster. Don’t stress. We are here to help with our 24/7 emergency line with same-day, 100% guarantee on-site repairs staff.

Whether you need a quick metal roof repair or a new coating, a roofing contractor from our team will provide next-level care. Before implementing repairs or a roof coat, we always offer a free quote. We also are willing to work with your insurance company.

Our Commercial Roof Inspection Services

At Patriot Contractors, we know commercial building owners like to avoid expensive repairs. Our main goal is simple — repair your roof and ensure you only pay for what you need. Simple as that!

We recommend having our professionals inspect your roof at least twice a year. During our inspection services, our team scans for any potential issues, including:

Most roof issues begin small and an untrained eye can easily overlook these problems.

Our Commercial Roof Maintenance Services

We complement our commercial roofing services, such as our repair services, with regular roofing maintenance.

Following our commercial roof inspection service, our roof maintenance program can eliminate minor issues before they become significant financial concerns. Whether you have asphalt shingle, EPDM, tar and gravel, or a metal roof, you can benefit from commercial roof maintenance.

Let our crew handle your roof and prevent serious leaks from destroying your property’s foundation.

Our Commercial Roof Coating Services

Businesses can further protect their commercial roofs by adding the correct coatings for their roofing systems. A roof coating system can protect your roof from weather events, including UV rays, snowstorms, and high winds.

When choosing a roof coating system, several materials exist, including:

We have certified roofers for multiple types of roof coatings and color options with the most superior warranties for your next project.

One of our expert roofing contractors can help you find the correct coating for your commercial roof. The right coating can extend the lifespan of your roof and help you avoid needing further repair services.

When choosing the correct roof coating for your roof, our team takes into account considerations like your current needs and your budget. We always make the process straightforward and cost-effective.

Learn More About Our Commercial Flat Roofing Services Today

Whether you need minor repairs for your roof or want a new coating, our team is here to assist. We provide the best commercial roofing services available throughout the New England area.

New England residents, you can learn more about our commercial roofing services by calling our Patriot Flat Roof Contractors team at (617) 553-1860!